The CERT Institute team understands the urgent need for training that addresses the unique requirements of the healthcare industry. In today’s climate, as threats such as infectious viruses continue to emerge, the CERT Institute is the go-to resource for the latest updates and training associated with infection control.

“The legal landscape and cross contamination during the construction process has expedited mandatory requirements for healthcare projects. It is of the utmost importance that active jobsite members have a comprehensive understanding of infection control and contamination safety,” said Morris Napolitano, Chairman of the Environmental Contractors Association (ECA) and Co-Founder of CERT. “With the global spread of the Coronavirus, it is imperative that your team gains the invaluable skills and knowledge to protect against pressing biological threats.”

The CERT Institute offers a wide range of resources and training related to the healthcare industry. For example, in June 2020, the CERT Institute is offering a course with the Environmental Contractors Association (ECA) and The Linders Institute that will cover the fundamentals of infection control for environmental contractors and address the serious issue of Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA). Participants will learn about various high-risk quadrants in hospitals and other vulnerable healthcare settings, high-risk areas in commercial occupancies and employee exposure risks during work. Additionally, the course will provide accreditation for the Critical Environmental Professional (CEP).

ECA and The Linders Health Institute recognized the need to create courses focused on infection control to provide general contractors and construction professionals with the opportunity to gain critical knowledge and the tools to minimize risk and reduce liability for the Environment of Care.

Knowledge and training are essential tools in the fight to protect the public from biological threats and the CERT Institute prepares the front line of defense through specialized training for the construction industry in the healthcare setting. Now is the time for construction professionals to protect the safety of their employees and communities against impending biological threats.





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