The Certified Environmental Remediation Training Institute Story


During an Environmental Contractors Association (ECA) Board of Directors Meeting in the Spring of 2009, the H1N1 Swine Flu epidemic in New York was a primary topic for discussion, along with a prominent news clip of a janitor shown cleaning a New York City school following an outbreak.

An ECA Board Member, quite experienced in infectious disease control, explained that despite his best efforts, the janitor’s actions would likely result in spreading contamination to his own family.  The janitor was using a cloth to wipe down the school counters, then putting that cloth in his pocket, which then contaminated his clothes. When the janitor returns home, he will make his way through the house, coming in contact with other family members and household items, and ultimately his contaminated clothes will wind up in the family wash.

Mission Statement

An environmental educational institute providing education through the development and delivery of accredited training courses designed to foster professional development, increase situational awareness and improve response readiness relative to the effective on-site remediation required for a broad range of hazardous environmental and infectious organism public health emergencies.

A Need for More Rigorous Standards and Education

After some discussion, the Board requested that Federal, State and City OSHA standards be researched to determine the standards being followed in this case. The Board hired an environmental engineer to conduct the research.  The results indicated that many of the Federal, State and City standards were incomplete and out of date.  In response, the Board decided to begin the comprehensive process needed to update and certify the standards.  They could then be made available to environmental companies for use by their project managers and supervisors to better ensure proper compliance and protection for environmental cleanup and remediation.

Minimizing Risk and Exposure through Training

The ECA Board identified a void in education and training related to the ever-changing world of infectious disease and contamination.  The individuals called upon to supervise, manage or perform the cleanup and decontamination of a site put themselves and others at risk without thorough knowledge of current standards and processes for effective site decontamination.  

Throughout the last seven years, and in consultation with government agencies and professional industry organizations, the ECA has worked to develop professional training courses designed to set a new standard for continuing education classes related to building and project management.  The training courses, with the goal of allowing for improved decision-making and response capabilities, focus on two core groups:

General Awareness Training

Our general awareness training is designed for individuals responsible for managing situations involving environmental contaminants or complaints.  Building owners, property managers and operators, REIT directors, hospital and facility managers, and more. READ MORE

Specialized Situational Awareness Training 

Our specialized situational awareness training is specifically designed as enhanced environmental training for licensed and experienced environmental remediation professionals, who desire to provide leadership for increasingly complex projects.

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