This course is specifically designed for licensed environmental remediation professionals with asbestos abatement, lead removal and mold remediation licenses, as well as training in general safety procedures and infection control.
Course Objective
Course attendees will receive advanced knowledge of pathogen containment and hazardous condition response. Through a holistic educational curriculum, and not a silo information approach, trained professionals will learn how to apply their skills to increasingly complex projects that deliver simultaneous emergent environmental threats. Successful graduates will have the ability to determine how many and what hazards exist at an emergency worksite and be well equipped to provide leadership for complicated projects under even the most challenging conditions.
Course Length
(8) 3 hour classes
  • $1100.00 per person
Course Topics To Include:
  • Introduction to Environmental Hazards
  • Infectious Disease Control
  • Standards for Safe Remediation Practices
  • Site Hazard Containment
  • Bacterial / Biological Emergencies
  • Fire and Flood Remediation
  • Situational Awareness for Simultaneously-Occurring Multiple Disasters